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Les traumatisés du CAC40 n'ont qu'à retourner le graphique ... regardez, tout va bien !

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anne so 09/10/2008 18:34

Thanks Joke, I just read the newsletter. That was kind of interesting, but I felt the underlying socialist opinion was a bit too strong to let you figure out what you can objectively think about the articles. Thanks again for the link.

Funky Nomade 08/10/2008 20:56

positive attitude tu as, fière de toi je suis, m'en f$$$$$ royalement je vais.

Joke 07/10/2008 18:31

I've just come across this:
Click on "Dossier crise financière" on the right hand side of the page
It might be of interest for you.
Have a pleasant evening - I hope you feel better having seen the doctor.

Joke 07/10/2008 16:30

But remember some are simply losing millions these days!You don't seem to be taking it too seriously... I'm not either!

anne-so aka SO6 07/10/2008 17:25

I'm a finance major, I'm learning to take it seriously. But I don't want to spend my time crying on all these poor millionaires...as we almost do in
class. So I'm just kidding !!! Life goes on.